Saturday, January 21, 2006

Working out

For the past few weeks, I've been spending a half hour a day on an exercise glider trying to get myself back to healthy. The glider is in the back of the living room and I can see the posters on the wall of my son's room as I'm striding along on my mechanical doobly. The one that stands out is the one of Jason Varitek hanging over his bed.

Every day I see the man whom I consider to be one of the best athletes of a generation looking down on me as if he were my personal coach telling me to go a little further. It's easy to work out with Tek that way - I imagine the real life one would be a lot harder on me.

I recently started the Discovery Channel National Body Challenge and have an 8 week pass to a fitness club, so I'll probably order a couple of "Cap'n Tek" type shirts to wear so that I can still have my workout coach near by as I'm weight training along with the cardio stuff.

Because I wanted to record this journey for myself, here I am.

I hope that others join me here and we can link up for support.



maccabeth said...

Hi Pika,
I like your idea of the virtual poster coach! I like to cut out those Target magazine ads for their prospirit work out clothes with the women that look like I want to look like! I keep it by my nightstand lamp to inspire me first thing in the morning and last thing at night!

Good luck on your journey. I will keep checking in! :-)

Aaron said...

Pika, I found you at the Beginners forum on Runners world. I am a fat chick trying to be healthy as well. And I am a newbie runner as well. I am able to run/walk a 3 mile course in about 50 mins. I am 5 8 and 218. Mom to 4 kids and on the South Shore of MA near Swansea.

But I know EXACTLY where Doyles pub is... My family is from JP.(Holbrook St and the Eliott school yard to be exact.._
So any how I AM interested in finding local short distance races, If you want to chat more holla back . Shella