Monday, June 29, 2009

finding my path

Recently I feel like I've been living in Seattle and forgot I moved. I mean, it's practically July and it feels like all it's done all month is rain, drizzle, rain and drizzle again. Today there was a bit of a break in the clouds and the sun made a surprise appearance. I parked McGreavey by the old running path and went for a walk.

The majority of the walk was wonderful. I forgot how much I love the sights and sounds of the river as I walk along. The lush green foliage, the sound of the rushing river, watching the geese and squirrels play in and along the banks of the water. I needed this as the other option, if the rain had come, was another couple rounds around the Natick Mall. :p

A mile and a half from the car, the sky opened up for a few minutes. I managed to walk along under some trees, so it wasn't too bad.

Best site today: a young squirrel hanging upside down from a branch to reach some berries on a tree. When I laughed, he gave me this "What?" look. His tail was wrapped around the branch and his back claws were dug it - but still, it made me laugh.

I got 3 miles in and included some of the PT stuff: walking on my toes, grapevine on my toes and such With a little icing and ibuprofen, it feels fine.

Mall Walking

Apparently I moved to Seattle and forgot - is there another way to explain this weather? I have been walking as part of rehabbing this Achilles injury but it's hard to be consistent when it's raining the way it has been.

What's a girl to do?

Answer: bite the bullet, pick up the iPod and drive to the mall. :shudder:

Because of the popularity of mall walking programs, most customer services desks can tell you how many laps = 1 mile and then it becomes a matter of the mind numbing journey staring at odd window displays and such. My usual haunts have been the Natick Mall, where each lap is just over a mile (if you include the collection wing and a couple of other little wings here and there scattered through the structure). The other night I was sore after all sorts of tension and frustration lodging in my back and sprung for a massage from the people on the second floor.

It was 20 minutes of pure bliss.

Saturday the weather held enough to walk the short loop of my old running paths and Sunday it held enough to take a walk up Heartbreak Hill to Centre Street. But today the rain is back and I'm sighing into my coffee and figuring on making a drive up to Natick where the parking is free and the walk is dull but climate controlled.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

And she's back

After battling injuries, I started running again. I did an ill-prepared Hyannis 10k at the end of February. A more confident Ras Na Heirann and a positively wonderful Doyles 5 miler at the end of March. The world was my oyster and I was feeling good until April came around and it happened again.

On a lovely morning, it felt like someone stabbed me in the back of the heel and I pulled up lame. Cursing and swearing all the way home, I called the orthopedist and got the bad news: most likely a torn achilles.


It is the only word that could be uttered with enough force to begin to express my frustration.

Six weeks with inserts and a boot, I am now ambulatory again. The boot is off and I am now walking. I get to arrange for PT and I go for another check up in 6 weeks. Hopefully then it will be: OK, you can start that c25k again.

But yesterday and today I went for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. My goal is to walk at least 30 minutes a day and keep up my muscle strength, regain some of my fitness and move on from there.

So here's to new beginnings.