Monday, June 29, 2009

finding my path

Recently I feel like I've been living in Seattle and forgot I moved. I mean, it's practically July and it feels like all it's done all month is rain, drizzle, rain and drizzle again. Today there was a bit of a break in the clouds and the sun made a surprise appearance. I parked McGreavey by the old running path and went for a walk.

The majority of the walk was wonderful. I forgot how much I love the sights and sounds of the river as I walk along. The lush green foliage, the sound of the rushing river, watching the geese and squirrels play in and along the banks of the water. I needed this as the other option, if the rain had come, was another couple rounds around the Natick Mall. :p

A mile and a half from the car, the sky opened up for a few minutes. I managed to walk along under some trees, so it wasn't too bad.

Best site today: a young squirrel hanging upside down from a branch to reach some berries on a tree. When I laughed, he gave me this "What?" look. His tail was wrapped around the branch and his back claws were dug it - but still, it made me laugh.

I got 3 miles in and included some of the PT stuff: walking on my toes, grapevine on my toes and such With a little icing and ibuprofen, it feels fine.

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