Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Walk to Run: Day Two

Week: One
Day: Two
Felt: Excellent
Weather: Sunny, blue skies in lower 60's
Surface: road/asphalt
Workout: (walk 5/run 1)x2 + walk 5 +grapevine on toes +walk on toes
Music: "True Believers in the Long Walk Home" by Thick as Thieves
Did I learn anything? That "Mars Viglia" is a great song to run to.

Monday I got the word I could start a walk to run program, to take it S L O W and if things bother me, to back off.

Yesterday was simple: a 15 minute walk. *pbbbttt* I can do that in my sleep! So uneventful really.

This morning was my first real test: running for a couple of minutes is exciting. I never thought I'd say that but there it is, it's exciting. It's exciting because I know I'm on the way back to recovery and running. :) :) :) Soo so so happy today.

The only down side was the guys from the Mass Pike here to mow the grass on the other side of the fence. I get it guys, watching a woman grapevine back and forth for a block is pretty freaky goofy looking, but that you had no shame in openly mocking me thinking I couldn't hear you is just pathetic. Personally, given the beer guts you two were sporting, you're the last ones to be laughing at anyone.

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RunninRobin said...

Hey Pika! So glad you are out there again! I have been out of commission for a while... finishing school... gaining weight... *sigh* But I am back now and blogging runs again. I went for 2 miles tonight and it felt great!

I am so sorry you have been injured but your determination is inspiring.. keep posting!