Saturday, April 26, 2008

No Dice Charlie

Well the trip to the orthopedist was not a happy one. Bilateral tendon damage upgrades you from a severe sprain to a fiberglass cast for a couple of weeks, a bivalve cast after that and then PT and a series of braces.

In other words: no races for a while.

On the upside, hauling myself around on crutches for a while should do wonders for my biceps and upper body. I'm starting to research what core exercises I can do and will think of it as "cross training" until I get the green light to start walking.

So for now, I have a blank, white fiberglass canvas calling out for some spectacular work with some sharpies.


Nini said...

Can you swim when the cast comes off? Or aqua running? I don't know how it will work with the damage you did. I've had a disturbing amount of success with aqua running.

Sorry you're not going to be running for a while.

Can you do some upper body stuff with light weighs while seated? Hmmm... I'm going to continue to brainstorm on this for you!

Paula Villanova said...

Man, that really stinks. A little at a time. I'm of the philosophy that it's never too late. Hang in there, heal right, and start out slow with smaller goals. Be patient. It's a lifelong process. At least that's what I keep telling myself.