Thursday, May 01, 2008

future plans

So I figure the best way through things is with a plan. So here's the plan, I will get through this and set my sights on the Disney half in January. Once I have a bench mark I will work from there - but that's the plan. When I see my orthopedist on Tuesday (who is a runner), I will discuss my plan with him and see if it's a viable one and if it is - then there's the plan.

Here's hoping.

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Paula Villanova said...

Hey Pika, do you really want to plan for a half at this time? I'm not saying you can't do it, but should that really be the goal? Think about it...why are you running? We all have our reach goals, believe me, but before you are thinking half marathon, promise me you will heal and build up in a way that makes your body happy instead of mad at you....speaking as someone who has had to detour training more than once....the races will always be there...