Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Road and Track

This morning was about checking out the new track at the new high school. For years, I've had no access to a track unless I wanted to drive across town to another high school. It was no big deal not to run on a track, I was never a runner until a few years ago so it was no biggie.

Over the summer, they finished the construction on the new high school a half mile from my house and today's the first day of school. I figured rather than run on the road, I'd try some intervals: run a lap, recover a lap.

A long term goal for me is a consistent 10 minute mile over distance. My fastest has consistently been a 12 minute mile, more often than not, I'm usually around a 13/14 minute mile. So I see this as a good chance to build speed and consistency on a level, forgiving surface. It was a good call.

My average running pace was 10min/mi for the 1/4 mile loop and a 15 min/mi for the recovery walking. When I was starting out at the beginning of the summer, I was running a 15 min/mi and walking a 20 min/mi.

I may give it a try again tomorrow morning and then go for a good run on Thursday to ring in the New Year... we'll see. But for now, a solid 2 in the books + the 1 to get there and back for 3 good miles.

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