Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Always Know Where Your Towel Is

This is rule number two if you're hitchhiking through the galaxy on 20 Altarian dollars a day. (Rule number one: don't panic.)

I thought about rule number two a lot today because I left the towel I usually drape over the blinking numbers on the treadmill behind today. I hadn't realized how much those numbers get to me until they weren't covered up. I would look up at the TV and run for a while, thinking I must have gone almost a mile only to realize it had been 3 minutes... no such luck.

Not to mention the fun layer of sweat pouring down my face at one point that I couldn't really wipe off because I didn't have my stupid towel.

I did manage to get 2.5 miles or so in today, so I'm not complaining so much as noting how hard it was knowing instead of being pleasantly surprised when I pulled the towel off to see where I was at.

I'm hoping to get a run in tomorrow. One thing we do know for sure: in the future I will remember rule number two and ALWAYS know where my towel is.


JOJIT said...

Being a sweaty person myself, even if I'm not working out, and living in a tropical state where there's only sun and rain, I never forget to carry a towel. I always have one in my backpack just in case I forget it before going out.

Anyways, nice run. Keep it up!

Laufenweg said...


enjoy your day...

...and thanks for all the fish.