Monday, April 30, 2007

Birds in the Hood

OK, one of the problems with the GIS mapping programs out there like is that you can see a route from the satellites, but they don't tell you necessary details - such as the logical route you mapped is for golfers only. (No bikes, joggers or skateboards... damn!)

So I walked a little further down the street and a loop that turned out to be 1.5 miles - meaning if I do that loop plus an additional loop around the street it's 2.5 miles, which is a nice distance.

While I was walking there was a family of sandhill cranes were standing in the middle of sidewalk. There were two parent cranes and a baby crane just wandering around. I stepped off the sidewalk and walked around them - but it was pretty neat. Just as I got around the bend, there was another family of cranes standing in the street. They started heading for the sidewalk, but I said, "Back off bud - I was on the sidewalk first." They very nicely waited for me to pass before getting on the sidewalk. Very cool.

But I have my route for the morning and hope to get up early enough to run. So long as my mother is uncomfortable with me running when it's not full light out, I'll suck it up and wait until after 7 when the sun comes up and take it from there.


Nini said...

I love the sandhill cranes! It's such a waste that you can't run on those golf trails... you know, god forbid anyone want to do something a little bit physically taxing on the beautiful trails...

But anyway, one thing I love about that neighborhood is that EVERYONE is outside... there's so many people out biking and walking, it's kind of nice.

It's so beautiful down there, especially when the weather is good.

Anyway, I'm so jealous of your run, I'm sitting here pent up in pre-exam hell probably not running again until tomorrow... gah!

JOJIT said...

I don't really know what a sandhill cranes are except they are birds. I believe those are just one of the perks of running/walking outside. To see the beauty of Nature