Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chocolate Bananna Smoothies

Ok, so everyone I know is into smoothies. I hear about folks who start their days with all sorts of exotic fruit concoctions magically blended to give them a start to their day.

So I picked up a some smoothie base and figured, "I'll have a chocolate bananna smootie and see what the fuss is about."

OK - first of all, no one told me that when you freeze banannas, you should peel them first. If you have ever tried to peel a frozen bananna, you understand why. Instead, here I am after another sleepless night peeling a freakin' bananna over the sink with a knife because the skin is stuck onto the bananna - which is freezing my hand because the thing is frozen solid.

The other thing is the whole "Oh, to make it thick, you want to make sure you put in ice" advice I've received. I carefully pour my milk into my blender, then add the smoothie base, the bananna and about 1/2 a tray of ice cubes. I cover up the blender and press the button and...


The motor sort of makes a "what are you stupid or something?" noise. Hmm... let's try the blend instead of the frappe setting. The thing is still laughing at me. OK, let's try the "grind" setting on the food processor side. SUCCESS! Finally I can see the ice starting to break up and shift around as the screaming motor noise rips through the moring silence.

It looks good for a moment or two and then nothing. No movement, just a lot of noise.

"Damn!" I think, "Not again." I frantically push buttons but nothing happens. I turn off the blender, sigh and pull a spoon out of the drawer to see how chunk this thing is only to be surprised it's fully blended. It's just so freakin' thick you need a spoon to eat it.


It wasn't bad, but I did find out I'm not a big chocolate bananna combo fan. I may try some frozen berries in there next time, but I'm also thinking I should have bought a plain or vanilla base rather than chocolate. Maybe I'll just throw in a dash of vanilla to cut through the overpowering chocolate base to see what happens.

One thing I do know - six ice cubes and a frozen bananna equals one thick assed shake.


Nini said...

My suggestions... I buy a bag of frozen berries (or other mixed fruit/frozen)... I use that instead of ice... no smoothie base... I add banana and either milk or yogurt depending on what I'm looking for (I prefer yogurt)...

Are you getting psyched up for the ramble???

Nini said...

I meant Doyles... but the question applies to both I suppose...

JOJIT said...

I hope you at least had the chance to enjoy that smoothie after you've worked so hard to make it!!! =)

pika said...

I usually have a bag of frozen berries in the freezer, but they weren't there (thus the idea of putting a bananna in the freezer the night before).

I'm not running the ramble this year - I'll be in Florida, but Gazelle Boy is going to try and defend his title.

Jojit, I did enjoy it ... even if I did end up eating most of it with a spoon. ;)

Nini said...

D'oh! Forgot that it coincided with your trip to Florida.

So, see you Sunday?