Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday Night at the Post

Last night was the weekly Thursday night race at the Marsh Post in Cambridge. This week was one of the monthly duathlons: run 2.6, ride 2.6, run 2.6 as well as the 2.6 run.

Gazelle Boy was going to try his first duathlon and Mr. Bear, Mr. Pi and the youngest came along as "support crew." They really came along for the cheap cook out - but that works too. ;)

When we were about half way there, I looked at Mr. Bear and said, "Have you seen my iPod?" I had it in my hand when I originally went downstairs to put the bike rack on the van, but I needed my keys to get into the truck of his car to get the rack and when I did that, I left my iPod upstairs next to where I keep my keys. I was concerned about running without music and keeping pace... so it goes. At least I remembered my inhaler.

My goal was a 30 minute 2.6 run - which would be about a 12 minute pace. A few weeks ago when I did one of the 2.6 races, I surprised myself with my time of 29:45 and I wanted to come in around the same time just to show myself it wasn't a fluke. Last night I finished in 30:42 because I ran/walked the last half mile with someone who was struggling a bit after coming back from an injury - which is an 11:48 pace, so I would say that my last run was not only not a fluke but, had I just run the last half mile at the rate I was going, I would have PR'd.

About 3/4's of a mile from the finish line, Gazelle Boy passed me on the bike with "Get out of the way," comment and I responded, "Ride faster." A woman jogging along the Charles with her dog caught up to me and said, "Do you know that person?" I told her it was my son, we do this to each other a lot and it's a family joke. She was relieved to hear it was a joke and not someone being rude.

I crossed and Mr. Pi was at the timing table helping the guys and learning how timing systems worked. After I had some water and cooled off a little, I went to see if I could figure out my pace and found out that Gazelle Boy was estimated to win the whole race. At the 46 minute mark, they started watching for him. He crossed at 47 and change - almost a full minute ahead the second place guy.

It was a good night. Plenty of fun, a big win for Gazelle Boy and good food to cap the evening off. I want to squeeze in one more 3 mile run for the week - hopefully later today and get back into a building pattern. I'll decide in a couple of weeks if I'm going to go for a half marathon or not in the fall - we'll see. I have the Jerry Garcia Memorial 4.2 mile run on the 26th and I'll decide by then.

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GB said...

I think you're awesome for racing so much. And a big pat on the back for helping a struggling runner at the sacrifice of your own goals. You are very kind! Congrats to Gazelle Boy for the win. You all rock!!!