Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I really need to check in more regularly

So here I've been spending lots of time using Just Dance 3 to rebuild my cardio for the past few weeks thinking, "Man I gotta lay out a training plan for Doyle's." Post it? Nah.. who wants to hear "today I got 5 stars on 'Forget You' before taking a walk on the treadmill?" Seriously.

Doyle's kept nagging me with that sort of "Horton Hears a Who" sort of, "We are here" calling me. So finally I laid out a plan in the Nike+ coaching program and started up the other day with a mile on the treadmill. Today was a 2 mile session with my treadmill and I discovered I can easily run a quarter mile with the incline at 2.5. I'm still doing walk/run intervals (.25 each) for now, and I'll be shortening the walking as I go. It won't be long before I feel good about running outside.

The other thing I'm using the treadmill for? To wean myself from music when I run. Yes I love running to music but after a woman got jumped in an area I normally run around the time I'm usually out there, I sadly realized it's time be more cautious. Right now it's listening to the alternative channel on Music Choice. It's going well.

So yes, I'm still moving. Like Dorie says, "Just keep swimming."

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