Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Day 4: Tread Lightly

Four down, 96 to go.

I love things like freecycle, you never know what you'll find on there. Yesterday I struck pay dirt when I saw "treadmill." It turns out that an academic couple is moving across country and had a Proform 995 that was free to whomever would haul it away. Bless my brother and his station wagon for picking it up for me and delivering it to the house where, along with my three boys, they brought it into the living room for me.

After downloading the owners manual and learning how to use the various programs, tonight I took it for a 30 minute test walk. While I've never been a big treadmill fan, the idea of not being able to use the weather as an excuse any more is a good thing. My next move is to probably find a professional who can come in and do a tune up on the machine to make sure I have it for a long while longer... at least until I put it on freecycle myself.

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