Monday, August 13, 2012


"The best navigator doesn't know where he's going until he gets there.  Even then, he's still not sure...." - Jimmy Buffett

Today was a destination deck workout.  That means the November Project meets at a destination to do a deck of cards workout (red = sit ups, black = push ups and the number on the face is the number of how many you do).  I am far enough out from the meet up spot that I take the T in but I've started wondering to myself, how do I make it my destination?  I suppose I could get off at Kenmore and jog in.  Perhaps I could run to the T stop and take the commuter rail home.  Then I asked myself if that had to be the destination, destination or just a layover during the day.

When I got home, I regrouped a little and then got on my bike to ride a half hour to Weight Watchers and a half hour home.  In the end, I rode further than if I rode my bike to the T and home again as WW is over a mile past the T stop.  So today looked like this:

6:30-6:50: destination deck (we had 19 cards left vs last week when we had 29 cards)
9-9:30: bike ride
11-11:30 bike ride

I still have to walk over to the post office.  I think I'll walk up to the yarn store the next village over to scope out the new yarns I can't afford (seriously, bamboo yarn can cost as much as $49 for a skein... a SKEIN!) and then home again before tackling laundry and food shopping.

So what's my destination today?  Was it Copley Square for the deck?  Was it to WW or home?  Is it to the yarn store or errands?  Perhaps it's my bed tonight and the dreams beyond.  Who knows, I just know I'm on my way there.

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