Friday, August 31, 2012

It's getting better all the time

This morning I felt stronger and chose to do a test.  I walked down and up the Brookline hill this morning for 2 trips.

The hard part is trying hard not to run down the hill.  I've also started running up the hill for brief bursts with the goal of being able to run both up and down the hill by the end of September.  Today; however, all that was put on hold until my ankle is 100% again.

Now keep in mind that I suspect had my achilles been 100%, stepping in a chuck hole would not have mattered as much as it did.  But no matter, the stars aligned in a way to sideline me for a week and come back slowly, but come back I will.

I took Monday to support other folks working out and Wednesday I was a cheer leader for folks doing a tour of Harvard stadium.  Today I couldn't sit still.  I walked down the hill with an older gentleman from the neighborhood.  He told me he walks up and down the hills in the area for 90 minutes every morning, no matter the weather.  Now that's #weatherproof!  I made it up the hill and felt pretty decent and stopped to assess where I was at.  I felt I could handle one more tour and halfway up the second time, I realized I was done for the day.  There was a bit of twinge and it was clear I needed to rest.

Coming home, I iced and rested.  I feel good about moving my body today. We have Monday off for the holiday and Wednesday I'll have to get up early as I have to be at school for 8 am.  I'm covering for the PE teacher, so I look forward to an amusing week of making kids sweat and run in circles again.  A lovely way to start the school year. :)

In the mean time, enjoy Labor Day weekend.  Remember, it's one of the very few holidays we have that doesn't celebrate a war, so try and do something peaceful to end the summer months.  Perhaps a run or a walk around the neighborhood.

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