Monday, October 29, 2012

New Hotness or When You Need a Sign

Last night was a hard night for me.  Between clogged sinuses and my heel barking a bit, I was wondering how wise returning this week would truly be for me to start pushing myself to start working out again before the Nyquill kicked in and put me down for the count.

This morning I woke up to all Sandy all the time coverage of the storm.  I remember Irene last year and feeling so bad ass going for a 2 mile run on the leading edge of the storm.   This morning, I felt like a blob for not getting up and going to Charles River Kayak to work out with November Project because the plantar fasciitis thing and didn't know what to do next.  Drowning in a pool of self-pity, I sat on the couch getting ready to study for my history mid term (tomorrow night) and catch up on some of the school work I feel behind on

Then the Divine reached in and offered an opinion.

Remember when I realized I was developing Platar Fasciitis, traced a year's worth of injuries to a particular shoe and contacted Brooks to whine?  Remember when they promised to send me a pair of Adrenalines with their apologies?  Well, screw Sandy, Fed Ex delivers.

Fed Ex made it through the storm to deliver a new pair of hotness to me, these slick purple and black Adrenaline 12's.  They showed up on my doorstep the day after I realized a week of sleeping in a PF brace, extra stretching and lots and lots of anti-inflammatories were doing their job and maybe, just maybe, I should think about rejoining the November Project tribe Friday morning for the Brookline hills.

So today the bad ass award goes to the Fed Ex guys for delivering a Divine message to me that it's time to get moving again.  This week will focus on some floor stuff: working on the balance ball, deck of cards push ups and sit ups, cross overs and maybe some biceps/triceps work.  Friday I will WALK the Brookline hills as a way to start back up again.  I'll set a goal of going to next Monday's destination deck and 5 sections at Harvard Stadium to start to rebuild.

Not a bad way to look at a new year as my birthday rolls up in less than a week.

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