Friday, December 28, 2012

Surviving Spin Class

In August I am going to do a 100 mile charity ride for JDRF. That only gives me 8 months to whip my fat ass into shape, which means spin class.

In case you've had your head buried in the sand for the past decade, spin class consists of riding a specialty bike for a length of time to "a pulsing soundtrack." The bikes at the local health club are designed by Greg LeMond, the first American to win the Tour de France back before there was a US team, so we're not talking the exercise bike your folks used as a clothes hanger back in the day. These are sleek, serious training machines.

The guy leading the class through increasing speeds and tension reminded me a bit of Brogan, one of the November Project tribe leaders, in that he was encouraging and pushed me beyond where I wanted to go... particularly when he cranked up the tension on me to remind me I'm stronger than I think.

The problem is the whole "pulsing soundtrack" thing. As someone who is not big on that modern disco sound that passes as music in health clubs, I wish I could force my punk on them they way they force their crap on me. Let's just say I'll be happy to hit the road in the spring on my bike.

Until then, it's time to start kicking ass and reducing mine. I survived yesterday's class. I have the schedule and it's time to map out a regular plan because my bike ain't gonna ride itself 100 miles.

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