Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Aging Realization

Last night I went to my spinning class only to find out it was cancelled.  Since I made my husband come with me, I decided on working out next to him on an elliptical.

He lasted 8 minutes, I lasted 35.

While he did leave the elliptical to walk on a treadmill until I was done, I felt a couple of small victories in: (a) not bailing totally and (b) not letting his boredom/discomfort/whatever force me to finish early.

I did sleep with my brace on last night but this morning, when I woke up hoping to tackle a flight or two at Harvard, my heel decided otherwise.  It was an aha! moment for me.  My aging body is making me choose what I do and when I do it as it will no longer do it all.

Right now my priority really is getting ready for this bike ride at the end of the summer.  While I didn't drop a verbal on Harvard today, I still feel like I bailed but I know it's because I can't do it all right now.  Perhaps soon I will be able to again and who knew that this stupid thing would last as long as it has.  But I will and it has.

Why is this bike ride more important than working out with November Project?  Because I am going to start raising money for a worthy cause: Juvenile Diabetes research.  When I miss an NP workout, I am disappointing myself.  If I miss this ride, I would be disappointing a lot more people.

I will go to spinning tonight.  It's an inconvenient time and not a class I would normally go to; however, it is what I need to do in order to build to the biking goal.  My heel will heal and I will be able to tackle Harvard Stadium and the hills before I know it.  Soon it won't be a choice and the two will meld like Mr. Spock with a giant space entity of pure energy.  Until then, I will reluctantly fork over $20 a month and go ride a Red Queen's race: racing faster and faster but remaining in place.

In the words of the great band Chumba Wumba: I get knocked down, but I get up again.  You're never gonna keep me down.

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