Wednesday, February 06, 2013

What Fresh Hell is This?

I got to the gym with my husband tonight and my first thought was, "It's February, what the hell are all these people doing here?  I thought they were supposed to give up on their resolutions and hit the bar by now..."

The joint was jumping, literally.  People were jumping and lunging all over the place with sadistic trainers following behind barking and all the machines were full.  So much for my bike time this evening.  *sigh*  In fact, the place was so packed the only machines open were a few arc trainers.

Apparently these things are a supposed to be the next generation of elliptical type low impact cardio trainers that move in an arc, not an elliptical, pattern.  I just know the damn thing kicked my butt.  Two minutes into a 30 minute work out, I was thinking, "If something else opens up, I'm bailing!"  Then came the psych-out games with myself.  I needed to last at least 15 minutes (half of what I set for a time) before I could bail.  After 15, it was last another 5 so I have the benefit of a full-on aerobic/cardio workout.  Then it was "damn, just finish off the program."

At the end of 30 minutes, when the thing was "Yep girl, you're done," I almost cheered.

A couple of things here, first the thing has a momentum factor.  Once I started going, there seemed to be a combination of my momentum and the machine's guidance that kept me in motion.  Second, it was a good thing I had an angry Irish punk soundtrack going because I felt like a freakin' step dancer the way my knees were high-stepping the whole time.  If nothing else, using something like this must give you one helluva a good looking butt.

It was a bit frustrating that I could either use the swinging poles for "a whole body workout" that seemed to build up steam in terms of motion, or uncomfortably hold onto the side of the machine and keep reminding myself not to put my weight on my hands, to keep it on my feet.

Why do I keep going to the gym and using the exercise bike instead of going to spin classes?  Well, truth be known spin classes are an hour and my husband won't last more than 30 minutes.  I feel like I have an obligation to get him in there with me, particularly on the nights where I'd rather crash on the couch and watch TV instead.  With two feet of snow predicted to hit here soon, I worry my bike will stay garaged even longer this winter.  But I do need to keep in motion.  I have 100 miles to ride this summer and I will do it.

I look forward to my hand being strong enough for destination deck work outs (although I'm now doing supermans and planks while watching TV) and it won't be long before I'm riding my bike the 6 miles to Harvard Stadium and the 6 miles home when school is no longer in session.  (Yes Brogan, that's a verbal!  But only when I don't have to be at school by 7:30 am :( )  Until then, I'm stuck in a stinky gym but at least I'm alongside my husband, so I can live with that.

In the meantime, don't forget I need your donations to JDRF.  You can click this link:

JDRF Ride: Karla's Page

and donate.  If Louie the supercat could get some scratch together, so can you. ;)

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