Monday, May 14, 2007

A Mixed Five

Yesterday I went out for five on Heartbreak Hill. I needed to give myself a push mentally and really assess where I'm at with things. Let's just say that with a hectic race week looming, I need to get my shit together which means I've got some work to do.

Basically here's what's happening, I am running the Johnny Kelley race on 5/27 in Hyannis - something I was looking forward to as a "benchmark" race ... you know, take your time from last year and compare it to this year and get a good measure of where you're at. Then Mr. Pi decides he wants to run it too, so instead of being a benchmark for me, it will be a babysitting race to encourage him to do what he needs to in order to make the lacrosse team next year.

Then, a few nights later, is the Blues Run in Cambridge... which is part of a race series that I'm signed up for since I volunteered to help before the Ras na hEireann... which is followed a couple of days later by the Harpoon 5 miler.

So - I think an easy 3 miles on Sunday with my son would actually be a good thing.

But to do all that I have to rebuild my base and my confidence levels. So yesterday I took to Heartbreak for a 5 miler. I ended up doing it as a run/walk and it was the first time on a run I stopped someplace to use the facilities near BC. But I did it and in about the same amount of time it took me to do the Doyle's race. So it's time to do some self evaluation.

First on the list is getting back to a regular schedule. It's one thing to train for a race and have a regular schedule - you know, following one of Hal Higdon's or John Bingham's or the Runner's World Smart Coach or whatever. Essentially I haven't been doing this in months and it shows. So it's time to pick a plan.

Second on the list is having some goals. The Blues run will actually help a lot with that as it's the first of 5 races. I can use that as my starting point - you know, see where I'm at in May, June, July, August and (finally) September and continue to whittle that time down race by race. There will also be other races through out the summer and picking a half marathon to train for.. which, right now, is down to the BAA Emerald Necklace half and the Lowell half this fall.

Third is cross training. I've been riding my bike recently - a half hour through the neighborhood and on the river trails Saturday, to run errands today and such. I decided to check out the parcourse at a nearby park and I'm trying to figure out the best way to use that to my advantage for some strength work. Once the lake opens for the summer, I'll probably throw in some dual training. I know it's exactly 5k from house to the lake, so to run to the lake, swim a half mile and then run home would be a pretty major accomplishment. Of course the pool is just down the street and I look forward to the adult swim time when I don't have to share the lane with 5 people of varying speeds while idiot tweens play "harass the swimmers...." if the life guards "forget" to put up a third lane again.

So I've got a grip and an overall plan, time to put it into motion.

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Athena said...

Boy, that's something to be able to face heartbreak hill as part of your training. You're on the path to a powerful showing for your next big race.