Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Tiki Bar is Open

At some point, all three boys have come to me to say they wanted to learn how to play drums. I told all three of them that they had to learn another instrument first because drummers can make or break a band in how they hold things together (or not).

Today's random selections on my iPod reminded me of why I told them that years ago. When I started the first song that popped up was "The Tiki Bar is Open" from Buffett's "Live in Mansfield, MA" (which is a show I happened to be at as well). As I started through the neighborhood, I noticed how my feet were easily falling in time with Ralph MacDonald's drumming as I ran up a hill that normally is bothersome. A mile and a half later, when I was starting to struggle a bit, the B-52's "Private Idaho" literally drove my feet through until I forgot that I was struggling.

In the end it was a good three miles and today I have good drummers to thank for it. But now I'm home and as they say - the tiki bar is open. Time to go make myself a smoothie and read the papers after a quick shower.


GB said...

Right on Pika! Runnin' to the B-52's. I used to hace all their albums. Glad you had a good run.

JOJIT said...

Hope that smoothie is good. You deserve it!!!

Athena said...

In the tiki,tiki,tiki,tiki,tiki room,
All the birds sing words and the flowers croon...

I played drums in high school--got to play all the melodics (chimes, xylophone, etc.) because I had piano lessons.

I have a budding trombonist who thinks he wants to be a music major. I said, "Get ready for piano lessons." not that I kept up with mine or anything.