Thursday, June 21, 2007

Half Fast

The same guy who does the Summer Run Series out of the Marsh Post also does a series of Thursday night fun runs the other 3 Thursdays. Tonight was "The Good Vibrations" run of either 2.6 miles or 5.2 miles. Gazelle Boy ran the 5.2 with the goal of beating me as I ran the 2.6 miles. My goal was a 12:15 pace and to cross before he did.

As Nini says, "Done and done."

I knew I had gone out too fast when 3 minutes in I was straining a little to breathe. I slowed my pace and just let people pass me. About a half mile in, I was still breathing a bit hard and slowed again and found a rhythm that felt good. With the iPod on shuffle mode and no one else in sight and I kept pushing myself along the banks of the Charles feeling strong now that my breathing was good.

At the 2 mile mark, the first 5.2 mile runner passed me just as I started getting a side stitch. I slowed to a walk for about a couple of minutes... maybe a full quarter mile... and then did an easy jog to the finish where Mr. Bear and the Youngest were waiting near the finish. As I turned the corner at the finish, there was Mr. Pi and Paulie yelling for me. Mr. Pi also enlisted a few other folks nearby to cheer me on - which was nice.

I crossed at the 29:45 mark (according to my watch), which is an 11:27 pace!!! Holy shit! I ran an 11:27 pace! Not only that, I crossed 6 minutes before Gazelle Boy.

I run the same course on Sunday for the New Charles River 5k - we just start a half mile further down the road. I'm not sure what to set as a goal. I was originally thinking a 12:15 pace, but I don't know now. I'll probably keep it at that - there's an extra half mile involved and there are about 1500 people running between the 5k and the 7.5 miler. A 36 minute 5k is a bit ambitious... or is it?

I guess I'll see on Sunday.

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GB said...

Wow Pika! Congrats on that great pace for the 2.6. I definitely think you can do the 5K in 36! You know the course and you have confidence going in to it. I know I'm posting this after the fact, but I hope you went for it!!!