Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot

Tonight was the Reggae Ramble in Cambridge. Normally I would have done the race and hung out eating jerk chicken and listening to good music - but it was hot, humid and really nasty out.

The start was slow and the reason I say that is because when I start a race at my usual pace rather than too fast, you know it's a slow start. When I got to the water stop at the halfway point, I was ready to bail but another woman - who was also ready to bail - and I decided to walk the last 2 or so miles together. It was really nice.

Turns out her first 5k and mine was the Ryka Iron Girl last year and we're both signed up for the Brie Burger in Paradise in August. So we figure by August we'll be used to the weather and be able to run the whole thing.

I told her about RWOL, my Nike+ and DJ Steveboy. She told me about Chi Running and how she recently discovered things like map my run.

We finished together and I met up with Gazelle Boy who said he did OK and the last mile or so was pretty tough.

The people from Brooks running shoes there were givin out "More Cow Bell" t-shirts if you won the mogo ball race. A mogo ball is basically an adult hippity hop and even though I lost the race, she had some left at the end of the night so she gave me one anyway.

So I did 4.2 miles in 57 minutes and change - not bad for a 2.1 mile run and a 2.1 mile walk in the heat and humidity.

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