Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bad news, good news

The orthopedist gave me the word today. The bad news is I did manage to give myself a pretty good sprain and it will require at least 8 weeks of healing. The good news, I can start running again in mid-October in small, controlled spurts with low mileage.

OK, it may not be a lot to some, but for me it means I can run again starting around Columbus Day. I can't do the Tufts 10k this year, but I can go for a mile run along Comm Ave. By Thanksgiving I should be able to run a 5k and I should be able to do the 10k at the Hyannis Marathon this year.

If I weren't wearing the air cast right now, I'd be doing the happy pika dance.

I do have my first physical therapy session this afternoon and I should only need a couple of those and they should be teaching me a set of exercises I can do at home. As the old Joni Mitchell song goes: you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. But it will be back soon and I'm happy for it!


Nini said...

Sorry about the sprain... I'm glad to hear that you can re-introduce running slowly in October :)

Just take the comeback tour nice and slow... and if we do end up doing a relay team in Hyannis (tbd obviously), your leg if you were going to do it, would actually be less than 10K (it's like 5.8 or something)... but I digress... take care of the ankle, and in turn when you can run again, it will take care of you!!!

GB said...

What a great attitude! Be sure to handle your rehab and recovery like ou handle your running... give it your all! And you will be even stronger when you get back. Looking forward to your comeback in October. For now, take it easy!

Red said...

Hi, bummer about the injury... Get well soon!!! The WLG seems empty without your energy and posts.

sam said...

Sorry to hear about the ankle. Bleh! :( We' ve been missing you at RWBF. Glad to hear that overall things are "ok" even if a bit off track. Take care and heal up!!! (simonssez from BF)