Friday, September 21, 2007

Letters in the air

Physical therapy is an interesting thing.

Right now is the "easy" part to rebuild the basic strength - flexing and stretching to build up the muscles in the ankle and rebuild the spacial relations/memories of the nerve endings and where things should line up ... or something like that.

My set of exercises for the week include drawing the alphabet with my foot - upper or lower case, my call - a couple of times a day. I also have a red elastic thingie for resistance when I flex the ankle and stuff.

The good news, I can start going for walks of increasing lengths. For example, today I can go out for about a half mile or so and see what happens. If I'm not sore or swollen, then I can go longer tomorrow and so on.

But for now, I'll write my letters in the air with my foot three times a day while I anxiously wait for the word to run again.


Nini said...

Are italics ok? Serif or sans-serif? Details lady I need details :-p

Glad that you can go for a walk :)

JOJIT said...

Hey Pika,
Glad to hear that you're continaully improving and healing well! Do you also sing the alphabet when you write them in the air??? LOL>> =P