Wednesday, September 12, 2007


When I rolled my ankle a couple of weeks ago it was painful but pretty much OK. A little RICE and a few days later it was solid enough to run 5 miles in the Iron Girl.

So why, oh why, haven't I been running? Because somehow I managed to injure a different part of the foot/ankle - the top from just above the big toe to the bottom of the shin. Because of the location and type of pain, I have to ask myself if I did real damage to a tendon somewhere along the way. What's even more weird is that the part I rolled actually feels fine - so I don't think this has anything to do with the roll.

Guess it's time to put a call into the orthopedist and see what he has to say. *sigh*


Nini said...

d'oh! I wonder what's going on with your ankle?

So I found an all women's half marathon about 3 hours from here... I'm trying to decide if it's worth renting a car for etc etc etc...

I can't wait to get back and do some racing together :) Did I tell you that Gabe runs now?

GB said...

Hey Pika, it's been a while since I've caught up on blogs. You've been running pretty much all summer and haven't taken a break. It almost looks like your body is lettin you know it's time for one. Take it easy and get better. Running will still be here for ya' when you get back.