Saturday, July 19, 2008

Uphill - both ways

When you try to explain to people how running on the hill my street is on is really running up hill both ways, they often respond: but do you do that barefoot and in the snow as well?

Seriously, that 1.5 mile stretch is uphill from my house to the crest before it dips and goes back up the hill a bit. When you turn around, you're not really running down hill and you find yourself running back uphill until you reach the crest again and then you have a sharp down hill until you get back to the house. It's one of the hardest 1.5 miles you can run around here - there is actually a much harder one about a half mile from my house as that side of the same hill is much steeper but has more of a downhill feel when you're running down it.

I'll probably go out again today and do the 1.5 a second time to see if it's any easier after running it yesterday. I doubt it will be, it's been almost a year and it's still a tough freakin' run.


Paula Villanova said...

Whenever I run up a tough hill I think of a remark I heard once..."hills are our friends..." It doesn't always work, but it reminds me of why I even attempt them...good luck..

Nini said...

Did you end up challenging the hill today? I know if you did, you rocked it!

Hills are awesome, they improve your running, they make you stronger, they use muscles that you don't use when you're running on the flats, they make you faster, and more able when you're racing.

I try not to think of them as challenges, or at all out of the ordinary... they're just there, and you just have to deal with them, ya know?

Keep us posted!!!

JOJIT said...

I probably would have already given up running those hills long ago. Keep up the great job!!