Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Familiar Ground

I had a chance to run on my old running trails along the river.

I started running there because I didn't want people to see me running. I would struggle along, inhaler in hand, counting the seconds until I could walk again. Then I began running along there because it was pretty. Finally it was just home.

When we moved four years ago, it was just far enough away that it takes effort to get there, so I found a new running route and pined for my old trails.

As it's school vacation week and I have a few days to breathe, I thought "why not?" As I pounded over the path, I marveled at how nature changes everything it touches. Branches and small trees damaged by the rough winter, benches that are normally far from the river's edge swallowed up by the spring overflow, wooden pathways that feel a little more weather beaten... it was beautiful. While it's too early for the baby chicks, I did encounter a Canada Goose. The thing was almost 4 feet tall and stood in the middle of the path looking at me. He sauntered over to the edge to let me pass, never taking his eyes off me. I nodded and he dipped his head a little and I kept going.

When I turned around and passed back that way, he was gone.

So a raw, drizzly 2 miles for me today down memory lane at w5+(r2/w2*5)+r2+w3

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