Friday, April 01, 2011

So... what's going on?

Why is it that kids are really good at sharing colds and other viruses?

That is the question I ponder from my couch while watching the Sox kick off the march to summer down in Texas. This cold hit me hard, derailing all plans for week two with the exception of spending 5 minutes daily just listening.

I figure I'm good though. Sunday morning I can start week 2 yet again and move forward from there.

I must acknowledge a piece of sad news that came today: the passing of Lou Gorman, former General Manager of the Boston Red Sox. Gorman was, as many describe, "a class act." A gentleman and a scholar, he was an integral part of the club even when he wasn't part of the club. He was on the faculty at Stonehill College in the English department and wrote some wonderful books on baseball. I loved speaking with him the few times I ran into him at Famous Fenway Writers Series luncheons. I imagine he's watching the Splendid Splinter open his heavenly season today. So if you're a Sox fan and catch a game this year, take a second to pause and look heavenward and remember Lou. Red Sox Nation won't be the same without him.

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