Friday, March 09, 2012

Exercise kicked my fat butt

Yesterday the morning dawned at 51*F, a radical change from Monday morning's 28*F start. I went out for a pleasant 2 miles focusing on a course that has some good hills to push myself a bit even though it was a short, short, run. Good thing it was a short run as I discovered my Superman tights are cut for a tall man. (The waist band was under my bra line!) Of course I want to find some liquid green glitter tights in my size (I've been finding them in smaller sizes) for the Ras, but may just settle on the UA black tights with green stitching and inset panels. So it goes.

It was a good run. I didn't push hard and was able to run much longer distances than I expected of myself.

So what's a girl to do to celebrate? Go to Zumba class after work. Zumba is a fitness program based on Latin rhythms that combines dance moves with fitness routines/steps to make you feel really, really, really uncoordinated. Apparently I mastered "the booty roll." I'm still unsure of some of the steps, but ti was my first class so maybe by the time I finish up the series just before my running club starts up again. The moves work with the rhythm of the music and and are easy to follow.

In the end, I came home and crashed on the couch around 8:30. This morning, my abs are feeling strong and I'll see how it works out after next Thursday's class.

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