Monday, March 05, 2012

Heading Outdoors again

With the Ras looming large, I realized it's time to get back outside so this morning I suited up and headed out the door. It was 28*F out there and I felt like I was crazy heading out the door, but I did it.

In a new pair of tights with visibility insets and my high-visibility jacket, I set out to get a 5k baseline for myself. Heading out the door I managed to run strong segments of my usual route. It didn't take long for my heart to get pumping and warm me up. While I was out there, I could see the folks getting their morning runs in. It's easy to tell who is marathon training and who is just out running on a morning like this.

Me, I'm out there doing my thing and feeling good that the spring is coming soon and I have a 5k run in books.

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