Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Spring in my Step

I'm starting to ramp up mileage, slowly but surly, in prep for Doyles at the end of next month. I'm taking it slowly but surly so I don't end up injured again, which is perhaps my biggest fear right now. Every little twinge or flutter has me catching my breath and praying, "Not again....." When it's nothing, I breathe a sigh of relief and move on, the moment gone but not forgotten.

Today I went out for a 5k run with the goal of running more and walking less. A goal I reached with an easy surprise. I kept my pace a little slower than I normally push and managed to push past my initial markers. "I want to get as far as the end of the park..." turned into making past the corner and to the water fountain. From the top of the hill back to the turn turned into a block from the park that turned into all the way past the high school to the traffic lights for my cool down walk.

Even my walk picked up the pace. My legs have that wonderfully tingling, "Hey, that was a good run" feeling. :)

Spring is good, it's feeling like things are picking up. Riding my bike and running outside are signs of spring which is a time of hope. I'm starting to find myself thinking about a second run because one just didn't feel like enough so even if our weather goes back to more seasonal temps, it's OK. Spring is here and I'm ready to jump in, both feet first.

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