Thursday, April 05, 2012

Put me in coach

Opening day is here! The Red Sox are in Detroit and the day in Boston loomed clear but cold. I looked like the Easter Bunny barfed springy goodness on me with my safety yellow accented running tights, pink hoodie and green running jacket and braved the 38* temps for 2.5 miles.

These were good, strong miles along the road where I am walking faster and running longer. Today it was 6 minutes of running to 3 minutes of walking. I could feel my back was straight and I remembered to lift my heels while I was in motion and I could feel the difference in how I ran as a result.

Time for a quick shower before I bike off to school but no matter how cold it was outside this morning, I felt the sweet, soft warm kiss of summer and the whispers of "play ball" in my ear.

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