Friday, February 16, 2007

Bend, Fold, Spindle or Mutilate

I know it's New England, but I've never been a fan of cold and ice. So far there's one sprained wrist in the house (Mr. Bear's) from a fall on the ice last week and yesterday could have been number two with my spill. Fortunately, I immediately began using some Arnica Cream on the spot and today things feel fine.

It's one of those homeopathic creams that's supposed to reduce swelling and bruising. All I know is it kept me from looking like a Klingon last October when I walked into the sign post and it seems to have worked it's magic again.

Because of the snow and ice, I was late getting into the gym - which meant I had a 15 minute run instead of a 35 minute one if I wanted to go to yoga. It was a good run. In fact I was 10 minutes into it before I was sweating enough to use the towel. Draping a towel over the control panel makes all the difference in the world.

Of course being back in the comfy gym where most everyone is older and less likeyl to be calling me names just makes up for seeing myself from a dozen different angles in the mirrors. At least I wasn't undulating today.

I needed yoga today. I needed to bend and fold my body (hell, after "mutilating" it yesterday in the fall and I don't even want to think about spindles....). We didn't work on a lot of postures today but each twist was pretty intense and in depth. I'm glad I went. It was a great relief.

Tomorrow I meet with the trainer. I was tempted to back out... I don't like going in for special trips, but I think I need to get out or else I'll be on the couch all day. So I'll get a long run in before the session and then let Tony abuse me for 45 minutes. Besides, it gives me the chance to buy some yarn on the way home and work on a sweater I'm crocheting.

Current 10 days show race day should be in the low 40's - which is the low side of where I like the temp when I'm running. Now if only the ice would clear up. I suppose in July I long for days like today, but in the meantime, I'm longing for far more temperate days. Good thing I have the gym, at least I've been able to get my running in.


Nini said...

ninI think the 40s would be a record warm for this race... I've run it in an ice/rain/snow storm a few years back, and I ran it in brutal cold (think those cold days last week)...

But it's SO worth it, and so much fun... it's a hard earned medal!

L*I*S*A said...

I can't wait for temps in the 40's. I will be so grateful!

JOJIT said...

Nice workout altogether! Best wishes on your next race!