Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stand Up, Stand Up

After yesterday's snow day, I needed to run... badly. So after picking up Mr. Pi at school, I dropped him and headed for the meat market - I mean the Brighton branch of my gym. Fortunately I hit in an off hour, so I didn't have to deal with giggling 20 somethings taking great delight at who expected to get a ring yesterday (but didn't) and discussing my size in a stage whisper while I'm right there.

The other night I did come close to saying, "Um girls, I'm fat - not deaf. By the way, I can't wait to see you after a couple of kids in 20 years..."

Going in the off hours are nice - only a handful of folks watching Oprah while they're chugging away on the elliptical and a few of the serious weightlifters who can do their work outs without having to deal with guys who read a couple to many issues of "Mens Health."

To me, I wanted to push past the 30 minute mark in my running today. The short goal was 35 and the big goal was 40 minutes at a 12 min pace. I made it a little bit past the 35 minute mark when I threw in the towel and hit the cool down button. It felt pretty good, not as good as the other night, but it felt good.

I felt strong.

What made it better was an incident that happened just before my workout. I realized I forgot a running bra, so I ran next door to New Balance to get one. About 10' away from the store entrance was an ice block frozen solid to the sidewalk that I didn't see and I went flying. I scraped my hand up a bit, but I stood up and kept going. I didn't make excuses to myself, went back into the club and got on the treadmill to run. So yes, strong is a good word for today.

Tomorrow is yoga, so I think I'll go in early and go 40 minutes at the 12 minute pace and then I'll be ready to just twist, stretch and cool down.


Nini said...

Glad you're back to running and strong :) I have to join the gym so I can get in some TM time b/c it's too icy out to run outside :(

Can't wait for our race!!!

Pat said...

graet run. You're gonna smoke heart break hill, once the weather let's you out to play.

Arizona, USA

Jenn said...

Glad to see ya back!!!!!

Alredhead said...

Great jog, running. :)

In my opinion, those girls suck and don't know anything about what a real woman goes through. And you're right, in about 20 years they'll have a better idea. ;)

For what it's worth, you help me get to the gym. Because every time I want to be lazy, I think, "But Pika would say..."