Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two down

This morning I was committed to volunteer at the New Charles River Run and I had 2 miles scheduled on my c25k plan. This meant getting up hella early on a Sunday to get my run in.

But I did it. I ran two miles in 24:49 - which is a 12:24 mile. So even though I was saying things to myself like, "Whoa girl, take it down a notch...." and forcing myself to slow down, I ran 2 miles at my regular pace. There's something truly gratifying about that. I'm scheduled to do a 2.5 long run next Sunday, but I may move it up to Thursday and run the US Blues 2.6 miler... we'll see.

Either way, I'm feeling like I've got 2 down and a whole life more ahead.


Paula Villanova said...

Way to go! Glad you got your 2 in. Juggling commitments is definitely part of the struggle but you did it. Nice work.

JOJIT said...

Way to go, Pika! I thought you were going to do C25K but i guess you're doing more. Nice work!

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