Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Insanity Workouts

Today I had a good workout.  It was crazy but it was good and I feel strong.

It started with a 90 minute Flow Foundation yoga class.  I was sweating like a sinner in church during a heatwave.  I could see sweat dripping off my nose and feel it running down my back.  It was hard to find my center when I was mentally taking notes like: wear a tank top under my shirt in the future... noting where to place blocks and wondering if I looked as dorky and awkward as I felt compared to the experienced folks in the class.

Then I rode my bike from the yoga studio to the pool.  I locked my stuff up and went for a 30 minute run.  The first 7 or 8 minutes were fine and then my legs got my brain's attention.  I think the conversation went something like this:

Legs: "Hey, jerkweed."
Brain: "Are you talking to me?"
Legs: "Damn tootin' sweetheart.  What the hell do you think you're doing?"
Brain: "I think I'm running.  Why?"
Legs: "After 90 freakin' minutes of yoga?"
Brain: "Is that a problem?"
Legs: "It doesn't take Obviousman to know that we're feeling a bit tired here."
Brain: {thinking}
Brain: "Did you want me to slow things down?"
Legs: "Um... YEAH."
Brain: "For how long?"
Legs: {caught off guard} "Um... a couple of minutes?"
Brain: "Cool.  All you had to do was ask."

After a couple of minutes, I picked up the pace and about 7 minutes later, my legs requested another slow down.  I made it through 30 minutes and spent almost 1/2 a minute struggling with the new Nike+ interface (human design my left big toe).  Done with that, I was standing outside the pool and ready to just relax.

I like water workouts, they're essentially weightless.  Ten lazy laps, some hip strengthening exercises in the water (where the resistance is futile or felt) and a few minutes of floating, I dried myself off and pedaled home.

Who needs a bootcamp when you have insanity?

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