Tuesday, June 05, 2012

One Misty Moisty Morning

It took everything in me to go out this morning.  I hate this feeling of running in a cloud where everything is little droplets that cling to you like barbs leaving you damp.  Not wet but damp like a dish rag on the sink.  Add a bit of clamminess to that and it's a good morning to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot coffee, a warm kitty and trashy TV.

No such luck for me.

The kitties are still skittish since they're new to the house (although Odin did a great job dusting the front end of the treadmill for me, no one made coffee and the closest to trash TV this time of the day is Fox News or MSNBC trashing their opponents.

After Sunday's race, I realized my Saucony Omni 9's were just flat out dying.  I love those shoes and I hated the feel of the 10's so I figured it was time to make a trip to Marathon Sports to look at the Hurricanes.  To my surprise, they had the Omni 11's and they fit like a glove.  All springy and happy and comfy, they hugged my feet the way my 9's used to.  While I'm a little sad they no longer come in alien green and now have blue shoes, I was sold and this morning they were truly my incentive for braving the cloud sitting over Boston right now.

This is perhaps the best run I've had since... well, I can't remember when.  For the most part, it was because I ran.  No run/walk (with the exception of a minute of walking about 7 minutes in), it was a 2 mile run.  Nice and steady up a hill, down a hill, back up a hill and back down until I made it home.  My legs were strong, my breathing was strong and my feet were smiling.

So the streak continues (even with a lame ass attempt on Saturday and another yesterday) and I feel just a little more badass than I have in a long time.

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