Friday, June 29, 2012

Swimming with the fishes

On my 3rd day of a yoga/swim combo work, I asked my husband if he wanted to join me when I went to the pool.  He's not a big pool guy, he prefers the local public lake.  I figured it was better to have him come with me and go to the lake if it meant getting him out of the house for a bit.

So to the lake it was.

I don't like lakes.  If I'm going to swim in a natural body of water, I'm an east-coast ocean girl.  Yet I found myself sitting on the new docks at the lake.  Gone was the splintery wood from the past, now replaced with smooth recycled plastic timbers.  Also gone was the raft and oddly configured swim space.  Everything was now laid out geometrically.  Unfortunately what remained were the screaming, splashing kids that I avoid when I go for the "adult swim time" at the local pool.  Even though they are contained behind a floating line, their voices are not and hearing an excited child utter, "Mommy I went poo!" is not my ideal swim experience.

But sitting on the end of the dock, where the kids aren't allowed, with my husband was nice.  Our toes dragging in the chilly water as the sun warmed our backs, I was reminded of when we were first together and would often steal these kinds of moments while the kids safely played and swam in that contained area.

However, I was there to swim too.  I like swimming with my husband.  He used to be a diver and he a fluid motion when he swims, that efficient stroke and kick that divers develop to propel themselves and conserve energy at the same time.  I jumped in and swam to the far line of the delineated swimming area and called out, "What time is it?"  I wanted to time how long I was in for but my ironman watch is now taking in water, so I can only wear it as a watch or running until I have it fixed or replace it.

"I'm not going in," he called back, "I'm going to take a nap over on the grass."

Fabulous.  I gave up cycling and my comfortable swim zone for him and now he was going to sleep instead of swim.  It came out as, "What time is it?  I need to time how long I'm swimming."

"Quarter after..."

I then began the long swim, alone.  He watched for a while before he headed off to rest in the shade.

Reaching the far end of the delineated area, I felt something nip my foot.  Startled I kicked and splashed for a moment and then remembered why I dislike the lake: they stock it with fish who are sometimes aggressive with swimmers.  After 20 minutes of swimming (and fish fighting), I swam in to my chest height (still in the "adult" area) and did my resistance exercises.  While I held onto the edge of the dock for balance as I did my leg lifts and such, I noticed a fish under the dock.  It was just hanging there, suspended in the water watching me.  Soon it was joined by a couple of more fish buddies, all of them watching me watching them.  

It was a bit surreal.

I finished my exercises and did my achilles work before climbing out and heading in to rouse my husband.

Three full days of workouts and I feel stronger, but today I think I'll head to the pool on my own where I can see the floor of the pool, the clock on the wall and don't have to contend with fish or children.

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