Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's like one billion degrees

Well... maybe not a billion - more like 96 and climbing. It makes me glad today's an xt day so off to the pool before they let the kids in for a 1/2 mile of breaststroke. There was still a huge wake today from the water aerobic class and I still managed to swim faster today than I ever had before.

I was thinking about that a bit. I'm running faster, I'm swimming faster - could it be my body is working more efficiently? Perhaps it's saying, "Man, the faster I get this done, the faster I can go back to reading chick magazines in the A/C." Maybe it's a combination of both things and then some. There's probably some exercise physiologist out there that can explain things like increased aerobic base, maximum VO2 levels and such. All I know is that I'm getting faster.

Now if only I'd get a little thinner...

I did not want to get out of the water - which is probably why the kids run out of the locker rooms promptly at 1pm - to make the adults think twice about staying.

It would have been so easy to stay in the pool instead of having to get out to deal with my cell phone that died, a Costco run and everything else. Not only that, I have to do a bunch of laundry before I bring Mr. Pi to over night lacrosse camp tomorrow. Here's hoping the thunderstorms roll through early to break this mess.

The weather is one of those funny things where I don't want to eat because it's so hot and then I get hungry and nibble a little and it feels like there's a rock in my stomach. Right now I'm hungry - so I'll have a yogurt and a pria bar. I suspect that will be enough to keep from turning to cement in my stomach.

Oh well... off to deal with cell phones. *sigh*

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