Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just another Manic Monday

I will be so glad when the kids are back in school.

Yesterday I was all set to go to the pool, but then the clouds started rolling in. I was worried that the weather would shift to predicted sudden thunderstorms (which, by the way, never arrived) and changed my focus to the walking a mile here and walking a mile there. I ended up covering over four miles by doing that.

I wanted to make sure my knee was OK - and it seems to be. So that's good. I'll go to the running clinic tonight and get myself back on track.

My goals this week are simple:

- running clinic tonight
- xt tomorrow - perhaps I'll pull out my bike and chart a course.
- heartbreak hill run on Thursday, let's see if I can make the 13 up/12 down this week
- xt Friday
- LSD of 4 miles Saturday

Oh yeah - that 5k I ran the other day in Brockton was actually 3.3 miles, not 3.1 which means I ran a 13:35 pace in spite of mostly walking that last mile with my knee. At least now I don't feel like a total loser.

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