Friday, July 27, 2012

My own pace

When Pikagirls run
They always go their own pace
and run their own race

#haiku #amrunning

Today we ran hill repeats and this week the goal was to beat last week's time.  My ambitious goal was to run a 4th hill repeat - unfortunately the flesh was willing but the spirit was weak as I still have "The Blithedale Romance" running through my head and the looming 12 page (minimum) cultural criticism in reference to Utopian communes and how that helps the reader understand the book.

Yeah... that's what I do to earn my teaching certification so I can continue to warp little minds at the elementary school.

As a result I had to fall back on beating last week's time which, according to my Nike+, I did by 30 seconds so take that Nathaniel Hawthorne!

Add this to beating my time for 11 sections on Wednesday by a minute and this week was a success.  My August goals will be to push myself to go a little faster and a little further.  Come Wednesday morning I'll be at Harvard Stadium ready to start pushing to a full tour by the end of the month and 5 hill repeats in Brookline.  Once I can do a full tour and 5 repeats, I'll be able to start pushing my pace.

For now, I'll throw myself into Hawthorne the way I threw myself at the hill this morning and the stadium the other day and plan to run another day.

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