Friday, July 06, 2012

We should all look this good

Yesterday the soreness from Tuesday had let up quite a bit so I went swimming.  I was excited that the senior center water aerobics ladies are back.  These women are funny, social women with a wonderful sense of snarkiness that never fails to make me smile.  There are also a couple of senior gentlemen that come with the group and they do laps while the women pretend to do some aerobics with the life guards.

One of the men is an older Asian man with a fascinating background.  Every time he's there, the women squeal and hug him.  They are always asking why he wasn't at dinner.... does he want to join them for dinner.... the bus is going, do you want to join us....  This guy gets more action than a lot of college kids at a party school!

While chatting with him and one of the women doing laps, I discovered he will be 100 in a month or so!  You could have knocked me over with a feather, he is so active and doesn't look that old.  He only learned to swim a few years back and he is lean and fit.

This morning on the news was a report that, according to a Canadian study, lack of exercise is more dangerous to our health than smoking or other well known risk factors.  I think about the seniors at the pool and how young all of them feel - in spite of quadruple bypasses, strokes and other things that come with aging.  There is a lesson here and may we all look, and feel, this good when we're their age.

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