Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back to school

Not me Lord, the children you gave me.


The punk, the teen and John Steed - and I have no one to blame but myself and the liberal media conspiracy.

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Doug Burn said...

Just discovered your blog via Triumph Of Content. Nice blog.

I used to run a lot (four completed marathons over a ten-year period) and hope to get back at it this fall. For now I am working from the cottage on Georgian Bay (google "Parry Sound" and estimate 7 miles further north and ten miles further west and you'll have it about right) and so get most of my cardio from a lot of gardening and landscaping.

Anyway, I mention the cottage because it was only up here and only a half dozen times that I ever ran with anyone and boy was I lucky.

My partners Brian and Deanna teach PhysEd and survival training at a community college in Montreal and run a lot of triathalons, biathalons etc.

As we ran along for miles in the bush they would offer terrific tips for what to do in an emergency if you're miles from help. If I complained about a stitch in my side they'd ask exactly where and then give me a complete explanation and tips to lessen the pain and avoid a recurence. Great fun and after we'd reward our calorie burning efforts with a few (many) beers.

Once I gamely said we'd be in even better shape if we skipped the brewskies (Canadian expression, eh) and they replied in unison "Then what would be the point of running?

My feelings exactly.

Doug Burn, Toronto