Friday, September 01, 2006

See you in September

Put me down for 3 miles on Heartbreak today. I did it in 37 minutes - just over a 12 minute pace.

This morning I realized that I really do love running up Heartbreak Hill. Am I strange for enjoying that run? I'm not sure what it is I like about it so much, but I really do like it.

Another odd thing I find myself doing lately is running a hand along my thigh so I can feel the muscles that are starting to really define themselves and make themselves known. I feel so strong and lean. (Yeah, yeah, I know I'm about as lean as David Wells - but I still feel that way.)

There are other things I've been noticing too - like being able to stretch better and even sleeping a bit better as well.

I'm also loving this cool weather. While it's good to work up a healthy sweat, I love that the temperatures are cool enough that I'm not drenched in sweat by the end of my run. I actually feel refreshed, not bedraggled. I'm glad I read that chapter in Bill Roger's book that said dress for 10 minutes into your run, not the current temp. If I hadn't, I would probably be all sweaty and uncomfortable.

Because school starts next week, I'll get back into a groove after the holiday. Today I'll spend some quality time going through a couple of cook books and going over some basics with Micah about making his own lunch in the morning. I think I may see if my bike rack fits on his bike better than mine and pick up one with the support bars for mine so I can use my shopping bag (it really needs that extra bar so it doesn't bang against the tire.

Oh yeah - I'm thinking that whole 7/11 serial number thing was a good idea. Already I've received 4 ones where the number ended in 7 or 11. At this rate, I should have enough for a real bike before I know it. Later today I'm going to see if the boys will go for a ride with me. I don't know where - maybe on the path or something. I just know I want to get them (and me) riding.

I just added up the running mileage for August - 35.2 miles. That averages out to more than 8 miles a week. I know it's not a lot to someone who runs big things (marathons and such) - but I've been running over 8 miles a week.

Wow! Just wow. Who'd have ever believed it.... I can honestly say, not me.


AzKim1 said...

Hi Pika! This is AzKim1 from runners world. I loved what you wrote to me and just wanted to let you know I haven't had much of a chance to write back but really appreciate you taking the time to write me. I'm curious about this blog thing but again I probably won't get a chance to write until Monday or Tuesday. My girls went back to school on Monday and I went back to work Thursday after a ten day vacation. I also picked up my daughters book that she is supposed to be reading and haven't been able to put it down "To Kill A Mockingbird" Plus I've been trying to read the forums and figure them out at the same time. So I feel a bit bad that so many people wrote me and I just haven't had the time to get back. I'm really looking forward to chatting more with you and reading your blogs. Thanks so much, Kim

ravenclawprefect said...

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