Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Always wear sunscreen

Always. Don't argue with me about it - just do it.

I went in for my every other year dermatology appointment a month or so back and the dermatolologist said, "Let's just pop that mole right off your back." She numbed the area, removed the mole and called a week or so later to say the mole was benign but....

The but was that the area was in a "premelanoma" state and they wanted to remove skin from around the area. This is the point at which it's not skin cancer but it probably would have been if they hadn't caught it when they did. So now it's carving a hole in my back, six months from now probably would have been a very different story. I know it's no big deal - but it's one of those brushes with things we'd rather not think about moments.

The moral of the story folks (say it with me): ALWAYS WEAR SUN SCREEN.

As a result, I have to take an extra day off of running because I want to make sure nothing gets jarred open, so instead I'm going to go out and walk like six miles today. It's not a hard thing to do at all.

A quick update on the bike fund. I've been doing the "savings scavenger hunt" method of painlessly putting aside a few dollars here and there. What I do is put any ones I receive ending in 7 or 11 in my piggy back, which has now added up to $43. This is not counting all the change in my change jar that I rolled - which brings the total to $65. Granted $10 or so was contributed by the youngest as a "sorry I helped wreck your original bike that you adored." So by the spring I should have a healthy chunk o' change to go out and get a nice road or hybrid bike.

::Doing a happy pika dance::

Well off to literally run errands... or would that be walk errands?

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