Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Moving in Stereo

Because I raced on Monday, I didn't have it in me to do a 4 miler last night with the scary, crazy military guy. My friend and I decided to get together and run a couple of miles this morning - so we met at Heartbreak Hill.

It's odd to run without my mp3 player - having to set my own cadence and pace isn't a bad thing but it is an unusual thing at this point. I'm also not used to being engaged in a conversation when I run. This is usually my alone time to think through things.

Running with someone else was also nice. It's good to have company once and a while as your striding along listening to the slapping of your shoe on the pavement.

We did the two mile run - up to Centre Street and back. My friend had me set the pace even though she runs slower than I do. I tried to pull back a little so she wouldn't be uncomfortable but keep up to what I'm used to - this meant running a 13 minute pace (26:02 final) which pushed her but was comfortable for me.

She felt good and decided to run a little more and kept going, I had a meeting to get to, so we parted ways at the starting point.

Funny how different it feels to run with someone else. Normally I would have pushed myself to finish faster - trying to beat my 25 minute mark for those 2 miles. Instead I ran at a comfortable pace... which is good too.

On tap for this weekend is a five mile run at some point. Maybe really early Friday or Sunday morning (Saturday I'm taking Nini north for a tri). Maybe it will happen later tomorrow... I don't know, but I am going to run five and I'm going to do it soon. I'm going to do it just to show myself I can and once I get past that, a 10K should be much, much easier.

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