Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm so over the DNF

(NOTE: I was in the process of posting this Monday when my router crashed... apparently it didn't post - so I'm trying again.)

I just got a call from the race director who apologized for yesterday's mix up.

I suggested a few things (which he said he wrote down and likes):

- a cone or something with arrows to direct runners in case they get missed by volunteers

- doing a group walk/run class out of the JCC to prep for next year's race to have people who can walk, run or walk/run it for fun next year

- talk to the timing company about staying longer (They didn't see the last runner on the course and assumed everyone was in.)

Not to mention a lot of the regulars over at the Runner's World forums were not only sympathetic but help me put a lot of stuff in perspective - as well as sharing their stories of DNF's, running a course backwards, being sent the wrong way (or not directed at all and going the wrong way) and such. It's hard when you're in the heat of the moment with a level of expectation to step back and say, "shit happens." It's much easier to do it a day or two later when you have a little time and perspective.

So I'm officially over it now. As I say there were some good things that came from it - including a new way to think of myself. That in itself means it was worth it.


Pat Monahan said...

Well said. I bet what your family loves about you is how you handle bad situations. In the RW forums you always give unemotional, thoughtful advice and it sounds like you had a really good chat with the race director. Hopefully, the RD learned as much from this race as you did (and most people in your shoes wouldn't have learned anything, they would have justed complained).

Enjoy, Pat

Katie Fries said...

It happens. I got lost in my very first cross country race in high school and ran five miles instead of three. Needless to say, I was dead last. Congrats for being proactive and talking to the RD. I hope the experience didn't turn the lady who finished last off of racing for good.

Carl " Ray Markini " Nordstrom said...

Heck my first 5K ever I showed we showed up an hour late ( thought it started at 9am not 8am! ) So we just jumped up to the line and started running! LOL They were packing things up when we got to the finish. Thats a good first 5K in my book! LOL