Friday, September 08, 2006

Quick miles on busy days

I realized I reached another milestone today. Now that school has started and we're reestablishing routines, I realized that my normal time for running doesn't quite work for a couple of reasons - mostly involving getting kids out the door.

Also, looking at my calendar for the day, I realized time is very tight due to appointments and such. (Yes! Great Fenway Writer's series today with Leigh Montville!!!) Before a few weeks ago I would have ditched my run entirely today thinking: oh I'll just run more later...

Instead I changed up, ran a "quick" mile (under 13 minutes) and then showered up before heading out to my packed late morning/early afternoon schedule. I did it because a quick mile is better than not running at all.

I don't know if I'll get a run in tomorrow and it means I've only got about 6 total for the week - but I did slip it in.

By the way, the Fenway Writers' Series was fabulous as always. Montville is a wonderful story teller and he told great ones today. He started by talking about how he got his job at the Boston Globe in '67 and then stories about Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. He also told the story about how he was asked, "If you could spend a week with either Babe Ruth or Ted Williams - who would it be and why?" He explained he'd spend the week with Williams, who was interested in all sorts of things and could speak on them but if he had to choose between them for spending one night...

I have to agree - partying with Babe Ruth must have been a trip way back when but even in the height of my party girl days it would have been a stretch to go more than a night or two at that pace.

I might try to sneak another mile in before going to the game tonight, we'll see. I know that I'm torn between doing the Race for the Cure on Sunday and other things I should do. Again, we'll see. I know I have to get my long run in before I give blood at noon on Monday 9/11. (By the way - make that day a day to do a public service. I don't know why I started giving blood on that day, but I did. I think it feels right to know that, on the anniversary of a day where so many lives were senselessly taken, I can maybe save one through my actions.)

But I'll figure out when to sneak that run in over the next couple of days. I know it will happen but knowing I'm now at a point where it's more important to sneak in a quick run rather than live with no run is something new and exciting.

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Pat Monahan said...

Giving blood on 9/11 is a great idea. Good Job! I remember trying to give blood back in 2001 and not being able to because everyone else was. I'll have to think of something to do Monday.

Enjoy, Pat