Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Down by the banks of the River Charles

Today is a gorgeous day out - one of those days where New England weather rules because it's unwilling to give up summer just yet. It's October and 73 degrees with the sun shining and I have some time before I have to pick up kids - so what better way to fill it than with a run along the banks of the Charles?

I went out for 2.5 miles - I had time but not tons of it - and I'm feeling a lot better now. My knee didn't bother me in spite of not wearing the brace, so I guess the ankle weights are helping. My time is moving back to where it should be (down to 13 and change today from 14 and change the other day) and, if I had the time, I would have gladly have gone further.

As it is, I'll take the day, the mileage and the time and put them squarely in the Hooray running! column.

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Vic said...

HOORAY!!! Sounds pretty where you ran.